When the service is confirmed (via fax or email) a copy of your processed deposit payment will be required: the amount is 50% of total price. The society will provide you with the invoice, sending it as soon as possible.
All payments have to be processed as accorded, in net costs: any processual fee, detraction, extra fees or such have to be considered a customer charge.
If the total amount should be lower than € 300,00 it will be asked a one solution payoff when confirming.

Payoff is asked within 10 days before the service date,
If the service has been booked after these terms, the payment must be resolved in one solution, immediately.

Note: starting on 1st-jan-2017 on all our services is applied a VAT tax of 5% (ref. Legge di Bilancio 2017 – Italian )

Once received a written confirmation from Consorzio Motoscafi Lario, and this signed contract should have been sent to us, your booking will be confirmed.

Bank Account:
Banca di  Credito Cooperativo di Lezzeno SCRL -  Filiale di Lezzeno
Frazione Rozzo, 3  - 22025 Lezzeno (CO) - Italy
IBAN   IT41 D086 1851 4100 0000 0009 981

For a tracking policy, all transfer data should include our client full name and last name, and a reference to the date of service.
If an international transfer should occur, all extra fees should be charged to the client.


If a cancellation should occur, deposit will not be refunded; the only exception is when weather reasons should force a cancellation of the service, due to minimum safety requirements. This will happen only according with Consorzio Motoscafi Lario.  If this should occur, the whole amount payed will be refunded.


For ensuring safety on our boats, during our night services, for all trips lasting more than 15 minutes and with more than 20 passengers, according with Consorzio Motoscafi Lario, it will be asked for extra safety crew.

If the transfer should concern an organized group (enterprise events, weddings, etc) it will be asked to a person in charge for being on board, in order to handle any unexpected circumstances in the best way possible. If any unfair, violent or injurious behavior should be noticed on board, the Captain will do anything needed to guard the safety on board, deciding even the possible interruption of the service.

In order to avoid any possible sickness, confusion and unexpected events, it will be possible to embark only when all passengers will be at the pier.

If the ending time of the night service should not be respected, due client issues, the society will apply an extra fee for any extra hour, calculating € 200,00 for each boat.


If any delay should occur due to client issues, the society declines any responsibility and will act as required in order to avoid any delay with following services.

PLEASE NOTE: it is strictly forbidden to smoke or bring any food/beverage on board, if not especially authorised. If any damage should affect the boat due passengers, evaluated amount would be applied as extra fee to the event organiser.
Our boats are carefully prepared to be clean for all services, if any behaviour affecting this should occur, the organiser of the event will be charged with the evaluated amount fee.
Society has no responsibility for items left on board.

Note 1: If fuel price should be affected by the market, Consorzio Motoscafi Lario may need to adjust rates.

Note 2: All departures from Como town, are meant from Sant’Agostino pier, Matteotti square, on Brunate funicular direction, that’s to say from an eligible pier eventually specified.

Note 3: Once confirmed, to get an invoice it will be required:
Natural persons:
Juridical persons: